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About Us

It’s hard to talk about us without talking about you. Because our team of passionate professionals is focused on giving you the very best physical fitness, adventure and sports experiences possible. From building managers to fitness instructors, personal trainers to trip leaders, we’ve hired the best­­: people who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. We’re intent on creating an environment that’s safe, welcoming and fun. And we’re always looking for opportunities to develop leadership and authentic engagement—whether it’s with our members, student employees, teams or staff.

Take a peek at our staff, and feel free to contact any of us with questions or feedback.

Our Staff

Mike Widen


Lisa Shea

Associate Director, Programs & Marketing

Jeff Straw

Associate Director, Facilities

Jason Villeneuve

Financial Specialist, Student Life Budget & Finance

Gerald Ashley

Senior Assistant Director, CCRB

Lexi Chaput

Senior Assistant Director, Sport Programs, Camps, and Development

Cheryl Jendryka

Senior Assistant Director, NCRB/Aquatics

David Siegle

Senior Assistant Director, IMSB

John Swerdlow

Senior Assistant Director, Adventure Leadership Trips & Rentals

Andy Boehnlein

Assistant Director, Intramural Sports & Community Sport Programs

Sarah Button

Assistant Director, Marketing, Sponsorship and Academic Partnerships

Ellen Dixon

Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness

Nicole Green

Assistant Director, Coliseum, Mitchell Field, Elbel Field

Laurel Hanna

Assistant Director, Club Sports and Camps

Jessa Lytle

Assistant Director, Adventure Leadership Team

Jackie McCarty

Assistant Director, Memberships

Cybbi Barton

Program Manager, Club Sports & Esports

Brett Billet

Program Manager, IM+ Partnerships & Education

Sheila Calhoun

Program Manager, Fitness and Wellness

Nick Dukes

Coordinator, Operations

Stephen Higgins

Financial Assistant, Club Sports

Kathy Doletzky

Facility Operations Assistant, CCRB

Karen Nys

Facility Operations Assistant, NCRB

Donice Webb

Facility Operations Assistant, IMSB

Beth Freese

Adventure Leadership Team Administrator, IMSB

Geoff Byrom

Maintenance Mechanic

Jeff Diaz

Maintenance Mechanic