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IM Soccer

Soccer is conventionally known as the world's most popular sport. With people from over 200 countries playing the sport, soccer has a far-reaching impact in many cultures. In United States, the sport cotinues to grow at a steady pace. Here at the University of Michigan, soccer is among the most popular sports in Intramurals. Played with 9 players per side, Intramural Soccer offers a recreational environment, where players from all levels can compete in different leagues.

Season Info

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Fall I Season

  • Regular Season Dates: Sept. 14th - Oct. 2nd
  • Online Registration: Sept. 5th - Sept. 8th
  • Playoff Dates: Oct. 8th - Oct. 23rd
  • Playoff Scheduling: Oct. 6th - Oct. 7th
  • Team Fee: $125
  • Location of Play: Mitchell Field

Winter II Season

  • Regular Season Dates: Mar. 15th - Apr. 2nd
  • Online Registration: Mar. 9 - Mar. 11th
  • Playoff Dates: Apr. 7th- Apr. 20th
  • Playoff Scheduling: Apr. 6th
  • Team Fee: $125
  • Location of Play: Mitchell Field

Spring Season

  • Regular Season Dates: May 12th-June 9th
  • Online Registration: May 5th-7th
  • Playoff Dates: June 3rd-June 12th
  • Playoff Scheduling: June 3rd
  • Team Fee: $125
  • Location of Play: Elbel Field

Summer Season

  • Regular Season Dates: July 7th- July 23rd
  • Online Registration: June 30th-July 2nd
  • Playoff Dates: July 28th-August 7th
  • Playoff Scheduling: July 24th-25th
  • Team Fee: $125
  • Location of Play: Elbel Field


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