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Our team of passionate professionals is focused on giving you the very best physical fitness, adventure and sports experiences possible. From building supervisors to fitness instructors, personal trainers to trip leaders, you’re surrounded by people who care and who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals­­. We’re intent on creating an environment that’s safe, welcoming and fun. We’re dedicated to providing offerings that suit a variety of abilities, interests and needs. And we’re always looking for opportunities to develop leadership and authentic engagement—whether it’s with our members, student employees, teams or staff.

Want to learn more? Here’s what members of our community have to say about our culture, our goals and what we value most—you. That’s why this is your Rec Sports.

Something To Talk About

Group-X has definitely made exercise and fitness more accessible to me. It makes me feel good and I've loved all the classes I've taken.
Club Sports have connected me to a great group of friends and a lifetime network to anyone who has played rugby. Not only being able to put on the maize and blue, representing our university across the globe but still getting unparalleled academic experience develops such important personal characteristics that will pay dividends in life.
Group-X has given me something to look forward to everyday and feel good about myself.
I joined a soccer team with a bunch of strangers and we all ended up becoming very good friends and did more IM Sports together.
I appreciate your dedication to my health and truly appreciate the previous experience of working with one of your trainers. Many of the techniques I have learned from her have helped me tremendously, primarily by avoiding injury when working out without her. Also, the sheer strength that she helped me build has resolved chronic neck and back issues - something that I thought that I would never be relieved from!
I love this program and I wish I had started sooner. Having a personal trainer has helped to keep me motivated and always trying to improve. The training routine every session is dynamic and encompasses everything I think a training session should.
Being a three sport varsity athlete in high school, Intramural Sports has given me the opportunity to keep being a part of a team... I've convinced so many of my friends to play with me and do different sports. They all end up loving it.
I played soccer and flag football with roughly the same team since Freshman year!
Group-X has been one of the best resources I could have found. It's delightful. Thank you so much for offering these virtually!
Deciding to join the sailing team has been one of the best decisions I've made during my time as an undergraduate. I look forward to heading out to the lake for practice and getting to know my peers better. It's served as an invaluable source of community and has allowed me to pursue competitive opportunities not as easily available outside of the team.
Club Sports has given me the opportunity to continue my sport in a way that makes sense for me. I'm able to do gymnastics, and make new friends, and travel and compete, and focus on my studies. I'm so grateful that I can be part of a great team and do the sport I love.
The Club Sport program has connected me with a great community on campus that I have grown close to. It is integral to my UM experience.
Joining the Club Soccer team was probably the best decision I made as a student. The Club Soccer team gave me a community of like-minded, driven, and passionate women and I have been fortunate enough to have developed some of my best friendships from this group.
It has really been amazing to have access to affordable live classes I can do at home during the pandemic.


Empowerment Self Defense

The Empowerment Self-Defense workshop takes a holistic approach to self-protection, emphasizing awareness and assertiveness skills as well as physical and verbal strategies to counter violence. The goal is to leave you better equipped to deal with everything from harassment to potentially violent people to sexual assault. Participants will take part in verbal exercises, physical drills, and discussions.  These workshops are FREE  to enrolled UM students and Recreational Sports members with MCard.

Participants practicing Self-Defense during a course taught in the Intramural Sports Building

Please visit the Sessions @ Michigan Link to register for a workshop.


American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid Certification

The American Red Cross CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and First Aid blended learning course will help prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children and infants as well as prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies. Allow approximately 4 hours to complete the eLearning portions, including the final exam. The eLearning portions of the course must be completed prior to attending the in-person skill session. Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate for CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and First Aid valid for two years.

Register Here!


Cost is covered for Recreational Sports employees.

$90 for Non-Employees. You can complete payment for the course here.


American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

The American Red Cross lifeguard training and certification are imperative to the process of getting hired on as an official Red Cross lifeguard. Our detailed blended learning training includes both testing of hands-on skills as well as comprehension on written tests. The certification, which includes First Aid, CPR, and AED training, is valid for two years upon completion and is accepted nationwide. Allow approximately 7 hours to complete the eLearning portion which must be completed prior to attending the first day of the course.

Register Here!

There are no offerings at this time.


Cost is covered for Recreational Sports employees.

$290 for Non-employees. You can complete payment for the course here.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Recertification

The American Red Cross lifeguard recertification course is only available to currently certified lifeguards.

Register Here!


Cost is covered for Recreational Sports employees.

$160 for Non-employees. You can complete payment for the course here.