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Personal Training

You’re ready to make the commitment. We’re here to offer support every step of the way. No matter your level or goal, our Fitness Trainers have the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to get you where you want to be. Stop by for one visit—just to get started you on the right foot­­­­—or opt for a package plan that delivers long-term results. Whatever you need, we’ll help you stay focused, safe and motivated.

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Become a Trainer

For New Trainers

  1. Become certified by a nationally accredited organization. Our top three preferred certifications are ACE, ACSM or NSCA.
  2. Apply for a mentoring position. Our Mentoring program offers a paid position with Recreational Sports and practical experience. It is a requirement for newly certified trainers and must be completed before you work individually with clients.

Fall Mentorship Program

Complete the following to participate in our Spring Mentorship Program:

  1. Apply to be a Personal Trainer by March 22, 2019
  2. Pass Recreational Sports interview with fitness staff March 27 – April 3
  3. Attend all mandatory group workshops 3:30 – 6:30 pm
    1. May 1: Introduction to Personal Training & Anatomy
    2. May 8: Anatomy & Exercise Physiology
    3. May 15: Functional Training for Core & Back
    4. May 22: Assessments
    5. May 29: Exercise Analysis & Teaching
    6. June 5: Programming
    7. June 12: Onboarding
  4. Complete a minimum of three shadow sessions
  5. Complete a mock assessment, program and session
  6. ACSM, ACE, or NSCA certification exam to be completed individually by June 15

For Established Trainers

Apply here. You can always contact us for more information.


To begin working with a personal trainer, please complete this registration form so we can hand-select a trainer for you. Once you’ve been assigned a trainer, they will contact you to schedule your Fitness Assessment and Program Design.


Personal Training Inquiry
You must be a member to participate in our Personal Training programs. Not a member yet? Learn more online or stop by any Business Office.
Your eight digit U-M ID number


Body Composition Analysis

We use the three-site skinfold test to measure your body fat percentage. The trainer will explain your results and discuss next steps. Please wear shorts and a t-shirt. Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the analysis.

Fitness Assessment and Program Design

This one-hour assessment includes an evaluation of your movement patterns, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, balance and overall health. Assessments are made while you are exercising and while you are at rest. This information will help to establish a fitness baseline and will be useful in setting goals and monitoring your progress.

Based on the completed assessment, your personal trainer will develop a comprehensive training program for you and will review it with you so you are prepared to undertake your own fitness regimen or to begin one-on-one sessions with your trainer. Wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes.

Starter Package

This package includes the Fitness Assessment & Program Development module plus one 60-minute training session.

Training Sessions

Use these 60-minute one-on-one training sessions to stay motivated and accountable, and to help you establish a top-notch exercise routine. Working with a trainer on a regular basis will help you to push beyond your normal boundaries, monitor your exercise to be sure you understand and use the correct form, and provide constructive feedback on your use of exercise machines, free weights and other fitness tools. Sold in packages of 2, 4, 6 or 12 sessions. Sessions may be used anytime within four months of the purchase date.

Prerequisites: Fitness Assessment & Program Development or Starter Package.

Partner Training Sessions

Train with your friend, spouse or partner when each of you purchase a package of training sessions at the partner rate and meet with your trainer together. Each session is 60 minutes. Sessions may be used anytime within four months of the purchase date.

Prerequisite: Both partners must complete either the Fitness Assessment & Program Development or the Starter Package.


Personal training rates effective  starting September 1, 2018.

PackageStudentsRecreational Sports Members
Body Composition$20$20
Fitness Assessment and Program Design$45$50
Starter Package$75$85
2 Training Sessions$85$95
4 Training Sessions$160$180
6 Training Sessions$225$255
12 Training Sessions$390$450
2 Partner Training Sessions$40/person$45/person
4 Partner Training Sessions$75/person$85/person
6 Partner Training Sessions$105/person$120/person
12 Partner Training Sessions$195/person$225/person

Runners Clinics

Register here!

Enrolled U‑M students can get a free session with a Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer who will assess your shoes, flexibility, strength and movement patterns; analyze your running biomechanics using video taken on your smartphone and provide personalized recommendations to improve your stride.  Located at the CCRB. Provided by University Health Service in collaboration with Recreational Sports.

Registration opens:

  • February 1 for clinics on February 14 & 28
  • March 1 for clinic on March 28


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