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Starting January 21, all members and students will be required to show ResponsiBLUE app displaying their COVID-19 screening or testing status upon checking in at any Recreational Sports facility.
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Personal Training

Starting January 21, all members and students will be required to show ResponsiBLUE app displaying their COVID-19 screening or testing status upon checking in at any Recreational Sports facility.
Click here to learn more.

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You’re ready to make the commitment. We’re here to offer support every step of the way. No matter your level or goal, our Fitness Trainers have the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to get you where you want to be. Stop by for one visit—just to get started you on the right foot­­­­—or opt for a package plan that delivers long-term results. Whatever you need, we’ll help you stay focused, safe and motivated.

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All fitness programming at Recreational Sports will continue operating virtually for Fall 2020. We have developed virtual personal training opportunities, working and meeting remotely with a real trainer, to help you reach your goals. To begin working with a personal trainer, please submit the following registration form. Within a few days of completing the form, you can expect to be contacted by our program manager to discuss your goals and to begin the trainer match process. Once you’ve been matched, your new hand-selected personal trainer will reach out to you to discuss your specific goals, barriers, and needs, and will schedule a virtual assessment session with you.


Personal Training Inquiry
You must be a member to participate in our Personal Training programs. Not a member yet? Learn more online or stop by any Business Office.
Your eight digit U-M ID number


Body Composition Analysis

We use the three-site skinfold test to measure your body fat percentage. The trainer will explain your results and discuss next steps. Please wear shorts and a t-shirt. Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the analysis.

Fitness Assessment and Program Design

This one-hour assessment includes an evaluation of your movement patterns, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, balance and overall health. Assessments are made while you are exercising and while you are at rest. This information will help to establish a fitness baseline and will be useful in setting goals and monitoring your progress.

Based on the completed assessment, your personal trainer will develop a comprehensive training program for you and will review it with you so you are prepared to undertake your own fitness regimen or to begin one-on-one sessions with your trainer. Wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes.

Starter Package

This package includes the Fitness Assessment & Program Development module plus one 60-minute training session.

Training Sessions

Use these 60-minute one-on-one training sessions to stay motivated and accountable, and to help you establish a top-notch exercise routine. Working with a trainer on a regular basis will help you to push beyond your normal boundaries, monitor your exercise to be sure you understand and use the correct form, and provide constructive feedback on your use of exercise machines, free weights and other fitness tools. Sold in packages of 2, 4, 6 or 12 sessions. Sessions may be used anytime within four months of the purchase date.

Prerequisites: Fitness Assessment & Program Development or Starter Package.

Partner Training Sessions

Train with your friend, spouse or partner when each of you purchase a package of training sessions at the partner rate and meet with your trainer together. Each session is 60 minutes. Sessions may be used anytime within four months of the purchase date.

Prerequisite: Both partners must complete either the Fitness Assessment & Program Development or the Starter Package.


Personal training rates effective  starting September 1, 2018.

PackageStudentsRecreational Sports Members
Body Composition$20$20
Fitness Assessment and Program Design$45$50
Starter Package$75$85
2 Training Sessions$85$95
4 Training Sessions$160$180
6 Training Sessions$225$255
12 Training Sessions$390$450
2 Partner Training Sessions$40/person$45/person
4 Partner Training Sessions$75/person$85/person
6 Partner Training Sessions$105/person$120/person
12 Partner Training Sessions$195/person$225/person

Runner’s Clinics

Runner’s Clinics sponsored by Running Fit

Enrolled U‑M students can register for a session with a Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer who will assess your shoes, flexibility, strength and movement patterns; analyze your running biomechanics using video taken on your smartphone and provide personalized recommendations to improve your stride. Provided by University Health Service in collaboration with Recreational Sports.

Location: UHS Physical Therapy Gym

Cost: $40

Fall 2020 Runner’s Clinic Dates

  • Wednesday, September 16
  • Wednesday, September 30
  • Wednesday, October 14
  • Wednesday, October 28
  • Wednesday, November 11

Register here!

Become a Trainer

For New Trainers

  1. Become certified by a nationally accredited organization. Our top three preferred certifications are ACE, ACSM or NSCA.
  2. Apply for a mentoring position. Our Mentoring program offers a paid position with Recreational Sports and practical experience. It is a requirement for newly certified trainers and must be completed before you work individually with clients.

Mentorship Program

The next Mentorship Program is tentatively scheduled for Winter 2021.

For Established Trainers

Apply here. You can always contact us for more information.

Meet Our Trainers

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AJ enjoys being a personal trainer because finds it rewarding to help improve someone’s life and confidence through fitness. He says that as University of Michigan students, we have a lot to worry about. Staying consistently active can mitigate doubts about health and appearance and allow you to focus on school, friends, and fun! (Fun fact: AJ used to own a mantis shrimp named Dave)

Alex K

Alex enjoys the sports offered at University of Michigna: he is currently on the club lacrosse team and his favorite part of U of M is the football and basketball games. When he is not participating in sports, he enjoys personal training because he started personal training when he was in high school; it helped him develop into his best self and he hopes that he will be able to help others to do the same. (Fun Fact: In addition to being on the U of M club lacrosse team, Alex was an all-state lacrosse player in high school)


Alexis is a personal trainer because she loves fitness and she loves watching people make progress towards their goals. She works on her own fitness and progress by being a member of the club triathlon team. Alexis believes that physical activity is important for U of M students because it is essential to keeping both the mind and body healthy.


Annie is part of the Michigan Club Triathlon team. When she is not keeping busy with that, she enjoys taking part in all of the other opportunities that U of M has to offer. Her favorite part about U of M is that there is always something to do! Annie’s health philosophy is about finding balance and what works for everyone individually based on their lifestyle and passions. She believes fitness does not mean hitting the gym or running everyday but rather finding a sport or activity that really speaks to you and makes you feel better. Whether it be yoga, group sports, or whatever, it’s important to understand how you like to move and to not force yourself into activity you don’t enjoy.


Audri’s health philosophy is that health is happiness and exercise is her way to peace (Fun Fact: she was formerly on the cross country and track team at U of M). She likes being a personal trainer because it gives her the opportunity to help people achieve their goals, and improve their quality of life; seeing a client light up when they overcome a barrier and realize their true potential is an amazing feeling.


Benjamin likes being a personal trainer because he likes to see his client gain strength, both physically and mentally. His favorite part of Ann Arbor is all of the parks and green areas to explore and enjoy. He believes that physical activity is important for U of M students because various aspects of student life can encourage an unhealthy lifestyle that is bad for your physical and mental health; physical activity and proper nutrition help to balance that out (Fun Fact: Benjamin likes cats)


Brendan’s favorite thing about U of M are the football Game Days. He likes to do personal training because he is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves. Brendan’s health philosophy is simple but effective: You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent. He thinks physical activity is important for U of M students because on top of the physical benefits, physical activity is a great way to reduce stress, lift your mood, and take your mind off things (Fun Fact: Brendan’s favorite healthy snack is yogurt and granola)


Chan likes being a personal trainer because he thinks health and fitness are very important for everyone and it is necessary for people to have someone to help and guide them in that realm. Chan also enjoys dance for health and fitness: he has enjoyed dance his whole life, specifically the Indian Folk Dance of Bhangra. His health philosophy is that hard work, dedication, and consistency are essential to make lifelong changes to your body and health. Always strive to be better than before!


Damilare teaches group exercise and is also a personal trainer. Damilare’s health philosophy is that fitness should be safe and fun while promoting the health and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. He likes to teach Zumba because he enjoys dancing, spreading joy, and encouraging, inspiring and lifting people up. Zumba/Dance Fitness provides him the perfect format to do all that. Damilare also likes traveling (currently at 34 U.S. States visited, 24 countries internationally travelled to, and 8 countries lived in across 4 continents).


Daniel values personal training because he gets to meet people from all kinds of places, and he loves to hear about their journey. It really feels great to help people develop healthy lifestyles, and reach their fitness goals. His health philosophy is that you are your own person and it’s important for you to find what mode of exercise is the most effective, enjoyable, and sustainable for YOU! (Fun fact: He recently got into superhero comics. He loves the stories, movies, and TV shows)


Joshua’s favorite part of U of M is going to football games at The Big House. He likes to do personal training because he loves fitness and he loves to help people. Helping people become healthier and reach their fitness goals is amazing to see. His health philosophy is that the only thing you can control is your own actions: give the best you can each day and great things will happen! (Fun fact: Joshua swam with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands)


Laura feels that physical activity is important for the U of M community because when school or work gets overwhelming and things feel out of control, one thing people have control over is their own bodies and movement. Not only are there chemical mental health benefits of physical activity, but it is a way to reestablish a mind/body connection, take a break, and feel present in the moment. This belief is also embodied by Laura’s health philosophy:With all the other responsibilities of life, people sometimes feel that they don’t have time to focus on their own health. However, when you feel well, you do well. (Fun fact: Michelle Obama went to Laura’s high school!)

Maddi P.

Maddi enjoys being a personal trainer because she loves and has the ability to encourage a healthy change in someone’s lifestyle, even if it is one day every other week. When she isn’t training, she likes to go swimming with her yellow lab, Sophie. Maddi’s health philosophy is one that can inspire balance for all U of M students: “Make a decision to do one active thing every day get up, go outside, take your bike, go to the gym, take a yoga class. It doesn’t matter how big or small.”


Michael likes being a personal trainer because he enjoys teaching people about taking care of their bodies and especially their minds because it’s so important to take care of yourself; we push our bodies beyond our limits every day but we never seem to give them a break or a time to relax. He believes physical activity is important for U of M students because he hears about students sleeping in late, chugging down gallons of energy drinks, or just sitting and studying all day. Michael says, “Go out. Be active. Live a little, it’s hard being a student but it’s important to take care of yourself.”


Noel’s personal health philosophy is to go out and learn and find what works best for you. A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. It is a journey with ups, downs, work, and fun. Enjoy what you’re doing! And in regards to enjoying what you are doing, Noel enjoys being a personal trainer because it allows me to build relationships, instill confidence, and help people reach their goals that they may otherwise never of thought attainabl (Fun Fact: Noel used to play volleyball and run track)


Sebastien enjoys being a personal trainer because he loves spreading his knowledge of fitness to other people so that they can change their lives. His favorite part of U of M is how it prioritizes but mental and physical health of students through the Rec Sports department. Sebastien believes that physical activity is important for U of M students because physical activity has been shown to increase productivity and quality of work for people. Physical activity also builds a sense of accomplishment outside the classroom or work setting.


Sophia’s favorite part about Ann Arbor is the friendliness of Midwesterners. This parallels the reason why she likes being a personal trainer: it’s really easy to get intimidated and discouraged when you’re first getting into fitness, but she doesn’t want anyone to stop pursuing. That’s why she’s there to do whatever she can to help people believe they can be a better version of themselves. (Fun fact: Sophia made a meme that got over 500 likes on the Wolverines meme page)


Uma likes being a personal trainer because it is a lot of fun for her. She gets to make friends and share information about kinesiology and physical activity, which she loves! She wants to empower others to improve both their physical and mental wellness by building the confidence and knowledge necessary to reach their goals. She believes practicing healthy habits for both the mind and body is crucial to improving wellness. Exercise helps build a healthier body image, improve focus, release endorphins, and develop confidence in one’s abilities. Everyone experiences low points, but the only way out is through, and I believe that knowing how to fix the problems we have in healthy ways makes a huge difference towards achieving a positive outcome. (And when Uma isn’t doing personal training, she enjoys tumbling on the U of M Club Gymnastics team)

Wan Na

Wan Na is a Public Health student majoring in Dietetics which is demonstrated by her health philosophy: When it comes to the gym; form is EVERYTHING. When it comes to food; fuel your body with nutrient dense foods 80% of the time, but also enjoy yourself and have dessert or greasy food the other 20% of the time. As for overall health; No one’s health journey is perfect. You will probably have bad days along the way, but it’s important to think back to why you started and remember that change takes time, patience, and consistency. Wan Na lives her health philosophy by balancing one of her favorite parts of Ann Arbor (some of the best ice cream she’s had) with her favorite healthy snack (sliced apples with sunflower butter).

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