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Join Recreational Sports to get active and stay healthy all year long. Our members enjoy year-round access to our three comprehensive facilities, pools, exercise equipment, free weights and weight machines along with support from our trained staff. We’re focused on creating a comfortable environment that highlights friendliness, community, and fun.

Become a Member

Your Benefits

We have three main facilities perfect for you:

Fitness, Sports and More!

As a Recreational Sports member, you become eligible for Group‑X classes, participation in Intramural Sports, Small Group Training classes, and Personal Training services.  See each program page for pricing details.

Pool25 yards, 6 lanes25 yards, 6 lanes
Indoor track220 yards176 yards
Free weights
Weight machines9111144
Cardio machines12813048
Basketball courts342
Volleyball courts24
Badminton courts38
Racquetball courts432
Squash courts22
Wallyball courts132
Personal Training
Group-X classes
Showers and lockers

Your Options

Rates and eligibility depend on how you’re affiliated with the University. Choose the option below that most closely matches you.

Your membership type couldn’t be identified.

Enrolled students are U‑M–Ann Arbor students who are taking one credit hour or more during the current semester.

Students enrolled in the current semester have building access from the day after the previous semester's finals to the day before the next semester's classes begin.

Unenrolled students are:

  • U‑M–Ann Arbor students who are taking no classes during the current semester
  • Students enrolled on the Flint or Dearborn campuses

If you are not enrolled for the current semester and have not yet completed your degree:

  • Show proof of enrollment in the previous semester
  • Show proof of enrollment in the next semester
  • Have a letter of acceptance for the next semester

U‑M employees are permanent faculty or staff members, from any campus, either part or full-time.

All U‑M faculty and staff have access to health and well-being programs and services through MHealthy.

Affiliates of the University are:

  • Visiting scholars
  • Post-doctoral students
  • Academic affiliates
  • Research fellows
  • U‑M contractors
  • U‑M volunteers
  • U‑M conference attendees
  • Temporary employees
  • Job candidates
  • Guest speakers
  • Prospective students and their families
  • Summer camp participants

An alum is one of the following:

  • Any person registered with the Alumni Records Office as having received a U‑M diploma
  • Any current member of the U‑M Alumni Association

A “friend” is someone who is affiliated with a U‑M student, employee, affiliate, retiree or alum.

A child is someone 25 years old or younger and whose parent is a Recreational Sports member—one membership for each child.

A guest is anyone sponsored by a U‑M student, employee, or Recreational Sports member (maximum of four guests per sponsor).

Not you? Start over and try again.


Free! Part of your tuition goes toward facility access.

Individual Individual + One Household
Semester $126.50 $225.50 $335.50
Spring semester $64    
Summer semester $64    
Spring and Summer semesters $127    

Student/their affiliate memberships start and end dates are based on student facility access dates, not the academic term. The end date will be approximately the day before the next term's first day of class.

Student/their affiliate membership fees will be prorated 30 days after the access start date through the end of each term. For example, if the first day of class is May 5 for Spring/Semester, then proration begins on June 6.

Non-enrolled students can also purchase punch cards cards for 1 to 30 visits or for unlimited use, a semester pass. See below.

1 month $40
4 months $120
12 months $240
Individual Individual + One Household
Monthly installment $35 $64 $89
12 months $380 $704 $979
Individual Individual + One Household
Monthly installment $17.25 $30 $55
12 months $190 $330 $605
Individual Individual + One Household
Monthly installment $38 $70 $95
12 months $412 $770 $1045
Individual Individual + One Household
Monthly installment $40.25 $76 $101
12 months $443 $836 $1111
1 month $70
12 months $420

$15 for an all-day pass, good for the entire day on which it’s purchased.

Around longer than a day? You might be interested in our Guest Passes

Bring This to Apply

There’s no need to apply. Just show your U‑M ID to the Welcome Center attendant.

Just bring your U‑M ID.

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of your retiree status, like one of the following:
    • Your U‑M ID with retiree affiliation
    • A document showing your retiree status
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of your alum status, like one of the following:
    • Your U‑M ID with alumni affiliation
    • Your U‑M Alumni Association membership card
    • A copy of your degree or transcript
  • Your photo ID
  • Proof of your friend’s sponsorship, like one of the following:
    • Your U‑M friend with their U‑M ID, in person
    • A letter of introduction from your U‑M friend and a copy of their U‑M ID
  • Your photo ID
  • Proof of eligibility of your spouse or partner, like one of the following:
    • Your spouse or partner with their U‑M ID, in person
    • A letter of introduction from your spouse or partner and a copy of their U‑M ID
  • Proof of marriage or partner status, like one of the following:
    • Marriage certificate
    • Your two driver’s licenses
    • Your two state IDs showing the same home address
    • Joint tax return
    • Utility bill with both names
    • Documentation showing that one is carrying the other for benefits coverage

Parents with an active Recreational Sports membership may apply on behalf of their children. Bring your U‑M ID.

  • Your photo ID
  • Proof of parent’s U‑M affiliation, like one of the following:
    • Parent with their U‑M ID, in person
    • A letter of introduction from the parent and a copy of their U‑M ID
  • Proof of your dependent status, like one of the following:
    • Birth certificate
    • Adoption paperwork
    • Tax documentation
    • Your two state IDs showing the same address
    • Documentation showing that the U‑M affiliated parent or the parent’s spouse or partner is carrying you as a dependent for benefits coverage
    • Health insurance documentation listing you as a dependent
  • Your photo ID
  • Proof of sponsorship, like one of the following:
    • Your U‑M sponsor with their U‑M ID, in person
    • A letter of introduction from your U‑M sponsor and a copy of their U‑M ID

Qualified member

A qualified member can be anyone that resides in the same home as a primary member, with proof of the same address. This can be validated by showing a household bill with a shared address, proof of insurance, marriage certificate, etc.

How to Sign Up

We want to make joining our Recreational Sports community as easy as possible! Fill out the form below and we’ll take care of your membership or locker needs. If you would like to add someone to your Recreational Sports membership, please use this form and we will get them signed up, too.

Please allow two business days for a response from the Recreational Sports Membership team. Email us at RecSportsMemberServices@umich.edu with any questions regarding your membership or locker.

Membership/Locker Intake
Membership: I would like to:
Locker: I would like to

If at any point you’d like to cancel your membership or locker, or take someone off of your account, please submit a  Recreational Sports Membership Cancelation Form.

Visitors & Passes

Bring a Guest

Want to bring a friend? Get a one-visit guest pass for $15. Members can bring up to four guests.

U‑M conference and seminar organizers can purchase guest passes for all attendees. Contact us for details.

Multi-Visit Guest Pass for Occasional Visitors

If you’re only going to work out with us occasionally, purchase a multi-visit guest pass. It provides membership level access to facilities on a visit-by-visit basis. Multi-visit guest passes are only redeemable by the individual who purchases the pass; multi-visit guest passes cannot be transferred/used by other guests, family members, or other members. Multi-visit guest passes are not transferable, replaceable, renewable, or refundable. Multi-visit guest pass expire 6 months from purchase. Must show government-issued ID upon purchase.

Number of visitsPrice

To purchase a multi-visit guest pass, visit a Welcome Center at the CCRB, IMSB, or NCRB. Guest passes can be used immediately. If you ever need to know how many visits you have remaining on your pass,  just ask a staff member at the Welcome Center or log into your account on the webstore.


You can arrange to rent a long-term locker by filling out our locker request form. Free day-use lockers are self-serve and are located throughout the facilities on a first-come, first-serve basis. Daily lockers can found inside the locker rooms, however not for overnight use. Daily lockers can be checked out at the Welcome Center.

There are free lockers located throughout the facilities that are available for use for the duration of your workout. All free lockers are cleared at the end of operations each day. All belongings not removed at the end of your workout are subject to removal and storage for up to one week.

  • Day Use: Free
  • Daily: $2/day
  • Long-term,  half-size  (CCRB, IMSB, NCRB)
    • $15 monthly recurring payments
    • 4-months: $60
    • 12-month: $180
  • Long-term, 1/3-size (NCRB only)
    • $7.50 monthly recurring payments
    • 4-month: $30
    • 12-month: $90

Long-term Locker Details

You can arrange to rent a long-term locker by emailing recsportsmemberservices@umich.edu. To renew your locker, email recsportsmemberservices@umich.edu before your locker’s expiration date. Lockers will be cleaned out 7 days after expiration.

If you intend to give up your locker, please empty it and return your key to the equipment room manager on, or before, the expiration date. Any items left in expired lockers will be removed. Toiletries will be discarded. Clothing and valuables will be held for 30 days. To retrieve your valuables, you must pay a $10 locker fee to the Welcome Center.


Facility Access

University of Michigan students, Recreational Sports members, adn visitors must present a valid Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card each visit to gain access to a facility.  If our membership system does not accept the Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card then access will be denied.

Students and members are allowed to enter a facility without a valid Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card up to a maximum of three times per semester.  In order to enter a Recreational Sports facility without a valid Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card, students and members must provide another official form of ID with a physical photo.  Acceptable forms of identification include driver’s license, passport, non-UM school ID with photo, or another foreign/government-issued ID with photo and identification.  Pictures of IDs or photos displayed on an electronic device (phone, tablet, computer, etc) are not acceptable forms of identification.  Students and members will not be allowed to enter a facility if they do not have another official form of ID with a physical photo or if they have exceeded the maximum limit of three times per semester.

Recreational Sports staff must take possession of a misused, expired or invalid Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card and may ask the holder to leave the facility.  An Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card that is confiscated due to fraudulent use is turned over to the Department of Public Safety and Security.  An individual must contact the Department of Public Safety and Security if they wish to recover their card.  Fraudulent use of a Mcard or Recreational Sports Member Card to gain facility access may result in loss of membership privileges and entrance of an unauthorized person may result in trespassing charges being filed.

Payment Options

We accept cash, checks and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express).

U‑M employees with at least a 50% appointment may also use payroll deductions. (If you are paid bi-weekly, the deduction will be taken from the second check of the month.)

Renewing Your Membership

For Faculty and Staff, Retirees and Alumni

You will receive an email reminder two weeks before your membership expires. You can renew in person or online.

Monthly installment memberships offer the best value, and your membership is renewed automatically each year until you tell us otherwise.

For Spouses, Partners, Family Members and Friends

Spouses, partners, family and friends can renew in person or online.

Cancellations & Refunds

Monthly recurring payments options are non-refundable/non-transferable. All cancellations must be submitted using the online membership Cancellation Form.

Cancellations received by the 5th of the month: membership(s) will expire on the 12th of that same month, and automatic charges will stop with that month’s payment.

Cancellations received after the 5th of the month: membership(s) will expire on the 12th of the following month, and automatic charges will stop after the next month’s deduction.

Refund Policy

Memberships are non-refundable, except for medical and health conditions, deployment, or extraneous circumstances. Money is refunded by the same method that payment was made (for instance, if you paid with a Visa card, your refund will be posted to the same Visa card). Please note: there is a six- to eight-week processing period for check refunds. Please contact recsportsmemberservices@umich.edu for further questions.

To request a refund, please fill out our Refund Request Form

Participant Use Policies

We ask you to join us in the commitment to creating a positive, safe and inclusive environment for our members. This includes being courteous to other facility users, following rules and instructions from our staff, and refraining from vulgar, obscene or demeaning, comments or gestures.

Cell Phones

Guests are required to be respectful  by limiting cell phone calls in the Recreational Sports facilities. If calls must be made or answered, they must be done so in the hallway or lobby. For privacy reasons, cell phone use is not allowed in locker rooms.

Photography and Video Recording

Taking pictures or recording video is not allowed in Recreational Sports facilities or fields without authorization from the Facility or Program Director. Once authorization is received, permission to be photographed or video recorded must also be obtained from any participants.

Private Instruction and Coaching

Facilities are for recreational use only. Coaching, instruction and organized activities, other than those approved by the Recreational Sports, are prohibited. Private instruction and/or coaching, whether paid or unpaid, is not allowed in any of our facilities.

Prohibited Wheeled Items

Use of bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, hoverboards, Heely shoes and all like equipment are prohibited in all indoor facilities.  Strollers are allowed for use on the track in the walking lane only and must be able to fit in one lane to prohibit interfering with another person’s exercise. Use of Segway Human Transporters is prohibited unless required due to a disability.  Bicycles are not permitted inside facilities.


We encourage our members to leave any valuables at home and to bring only what is necessary to our facilities. Also, we encourage them to secure what they do bring in a safe place.

Recreational Sports will stop any activity on our premises (indoor or outdoor) that staff members consider unsafe or in violation of our policies.

Violations of Facility Policies

Please take our policies seriously. Anyone who violates our policies might be asked to leave. Persons involved in serious incidents or repeat offenders will be subjected to sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct. Non-student offenders or repeat offenders will be subject to sanctions by the Facility Manager or by the Director of Recreational Sports. Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, suspension from facilities, revoking of membership privileges, student disciplinary sanctions or civil prosecution.

Facility Use Policies

Open Recreation Use Policy

Recreational Sports offers a variety of spaces available for open recreation use. Open recreation is defined as use of existing equipment and facility spaces for self-directed activities by individuals or small groups of no more than 4 individuals at any given time.  Open recreation participants must adhere to all facility policies and procedures which includes allowing other participants to join in the activity or use of the space. Participation in open recreation is not structured, organized or teams/groups of 5 or more. Events or activities for groups of 5 or more which require use of a space must be scheduled and approved in advance by Recreational Sports staff.  Any activity (by individuals or groups) which includes coaching/instruction or music/amplified sound must also be scheduled and approved in advance by Recreational Sports staff.  Please see our Facility Rental page for more information.

Children/Minors Policy

Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or valid guardian to enter a facility.

General Fitness Area Policies

  • Individuals must be 13 years of age to utilize these areas. Children 13-18 must be directly supervised by their parent/guardian.
  • Wipe sweat off equipment, after it has been used, with provided towel and disinfectant supplies.
  • Keep all walkways and areas clear of personal belongings.
  • No food allowed in fitness areas. All drinks must be in a sealed container.
  • Please limit your time on cardio machines to 30 minutes during peak hours or when others are waiting.
  • Headphones required when listening to any audio.
  • Always return equipment to its proper location and always re-rack your weights.
  • Equipment is not to be removed from rooms to be used in other rooms.
  • Equipment must be used for its designed purpose.
  • All personal training must be done through the Recreational Sports Fitness & Wellness Program.
  • Please refer to Recreational Sports website for policies regarding open recreation, the use of scheduled spaces, and reserving spaces.
  • All members are expected to abide by the decisions of the Recreational Sports Staff.

Strength Area Policies

  • Always return equipment to its proper location and always re-rack your weights.
  • Allow others to work in with you while doing multiple sets.
  • All weights must be returned to the ground in a controlled manner. Please do not slam or drop your weights.
  • Collars must be used at all times.
  • Spotters are strongly recommended when using the free weights.
  • Olympic lifts and releases must be done on platforms.
  • No overhead releases.
  • No powder chalk. Liquid chalk is allowed.


  • Athletic tops and shorts/pants are required to be worn at all times.
  • Tops must cover the chest and shorts must cover the entire buttocks.
  • Closed-toed footwear is required in all areas of facility except for the pool, heavy bag areas and barefoot group fitness classes.  Shoes must have a heel or heel strap.
  • Clothing deemed potentially damaging to the equipment, as determined by Recreational Sports Staff, is prohibited.
  • Clothing with profane language or inappropriate subjects, as determined by Recreational Sports Staff, is prohibited.
  • Recreational Sports reserves the right in determining appropriate clothing on a case-by-case basis.

Olympic Platforms (IMSB Only)

  • Bumper plates must be used while on the platforms at all times (except at CCRB).
  • Olympic lifts & releases must be done on platforms.
  • Return equipment to its proper location and always re-rack your weights after use.
  • No powder chalk. Liquid chalk is allowed.
  • Collars must be used at all times.
  • Spotter is strongly recommended.

Pool Policy

  • All swimmers must wear appropriate swimming apparel. Bermuda shorts, cutoffs, etc., are prohibited.
  • Children under the age of 18 years may only use the pool with direct supervision of a parent/guardian.
  • It is recommended that everyone take a soapy shower before entering the pool.
  • Any person suffering from an infection of the skin, eye, nose, mouth or ear cannot enter the pool.
  • No diving allowed.
  • Swimming aids such as eye goggles, kickboards, pull buoys, swim fins and hand paddles are allowed.
  • Lane splitting and circle swimming policies are posted at all Recreational Sports pool areas. Please read and follow the posted policies.

Sauna Policy

  • The temperature is between 160°F and 190°F.
  • Persons suffering from heart disease, or high or low blood pressure, should not enter the saunas.
  • Children under the age of 16 years may only use the saunas with direct supervision of a parent/ guardian.
  • Parents should be advised that there are additional risks and hazards related to children’s use of saunas.
  • No sweatpants, sweatshirts or shoes are allowed in the sauna.
  • Patrons are advised to use towel when sitting on sauna benches.
  • Water and wet towels should never be put on the rocks or the heating element; this will only cause it to shutdown.
  • The light must remain “on” when in use.

Racquetball and Squash Court Reservation Policy

  • Court reservations are accepted for racquetball, squash, paddleball, handball and Wally Ball.  Reservations can be made anytime for play later that day.  Next day reservations are also accepted no more than 72 hours in advance.
  • Court reservation can be made online through our webstore/app, in person or phone by calling the following phone numbers for the facility you would like to make a court reservation:
    • CCRB Reservation Line: (734) 764-8167
    • IMSB Reservation Line: (734) 764-3163
    • NCRB Reservation Line: (734) 764-2117
  • Court reservations are intended for any of the above sports.  The above sports take priority over other non-intended uses in these courts regardless if a reservation has been made.  Individuals or groups that use these courts for any other activity will be asked to leave the court if others wish to use the court for the above sports.  If courts are unused, then they are allowed to be used for other activities.
  • Any person or group may only reserve a court for a maximum of 1 hour per day.
  • Members must secure a reserved court no later than ten (10) minutes after the reservation time. Unclaimed courts become open courts.
  • Tournaments are not allowed unless scheduled through the Department Rental Program. Please visit our Facility Rentals page or call (734) 936-0515 for more information.

Open Court Policy

  • Open courts will be identified with signage.  All other courts are designated as challenge courts.
  • Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Determine your priority by checking with other waiting players.
  • At least one player must wait by the court to maintain priority.
  • Courts change on the half-hour, regardless of how long you have been on the court (top and bottom of each hour).
  • For a court designated for a particular sport, the designated sport has priority over any other activity in that court.
  • Persons/groups waiting at court at change times get the court(s).
  • If you enter the court before the half-hour, you lose priority and must leave at the half-hour.

Challenge Court Policy

  • Priority is based on a first-come, first-served order.
  • Determine who has priority ahead of you.
  • Full court challenge games always have a priority over half-court games.
  • Stay by the court. If you are not present you will lose your priority.
  • After one match, the losing player/team must vacate the court.
  • In the event of three consecutive wins, the winning player/team must also vacate the court.
  • Persons waiting to play have priority over persons already playing.
  • When a team lacks the required minimum number of players, persons waiting have priority for selection to a team.
  • For a court designated for a particular sport, the designated sport has priority over any other sport.

Games will be played to 11 points by 1’s and 2’s.

Badminton, Handball, Paddleball, Racquetball, Squash, Wallyball:

Games will be played to 21 points.


Games will be played to 25 points using rally scoring.

Exercise on your terms.
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