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We are currently experiencing issues with NCRB Pool hours displaying on the website. The NCRB Pool closes one hour earlier than the overall NCRB facility hours currently displayed.

Currently displaying on Hours, NCRB Facility Schedules, and North Campus Recreation Building.

This page is currently under construction and cannot be accessed right now. Any further use may result in issues.

Currently displaying on Private: Well-Being (Old Community Page) Test.

Please note spring and summer 2024 facility access dates and memberships for students.

Access Dates
• Winter 24 Access Ends May 6, 2024
• Spring and Spring/Summer 24 Access Begins April 24, 2024
• Spring 24 Access Ends June 27, 2024
• Summer 24 Access Begins June 28, 2024
• Summer 24 and Spring/Summer 24 Access Ends August 25, 2024
• Fall 24 Access Begins August 17, 2024

Membership Sales
• Spring and Spring & Summer Student and Recent Graduate Passes go on sale on May 1, 2024
• Summer-only student and Recent Graduate Passes go on sale on June 28, 2024.

Student and Recent Graduate Pricing
• Spring Only $64
• Summer Only $64
• Spring/Summer $127

Currently displaying on Join Us.

The Adventure Leadership Rental Center is reopening this month at our new location at 613 S. Fifth Avenue.

Currently displaying on Adventure Leadership.