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Facility Rentals

Our facilities and fields are great places for picnics, reunions, sporting events, outdoor activities, parties and tailgates. With our equipment rental options (from tents to tables, bleachers to balls) you’ll find everything you need to make your event perfect, all in one place.

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Rental Process

  1. To rent one of our facilities, browse our available spaces.
  2. Consider any event supplies and equipment you might need to rent for your event.
  3. Fill out the Facility Rental Request form a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the date of your event, filling out as many fields as possible for fastest service. Keep in mind that spaces you’re requesting might already be reserved, especially if your event is happening within the next three weeks.
  4. Once submitted, we will respond to your request within 3 to 5 business days to discuss your event details and collect any remaining information.
  5. Once details are discussed, you’ll receive a rental contract and more specific details on how to confirm your event. Events are confirmed when the rental contract has been signed and payment has been received. This process can take up to two or three weeks.

All rental rates depend on the details of your rental agreement. Submitting a Facility Rental Request does not automatically guarantee space. Please allow at least 21 days between the submission of your request and the date of your event.

Facilities & Rental Spaces

Rental rates for these facilities and spaces are per hour and depend on the details of your rental agreement.

Indoor Spaces

Space for RentFacilityStudentsU-M DepartmentsCommunity
Gym CourtCCRB, IMSB, NCRB$50$75$88
2 Gym CourtsCCRB, Coliseum, IMSB, NCRB$75$113$131
3 Gym CourtsCCRB, IMSB$90$135$158
4 Gym CourtsCCRB, IMSB$100$150$175
Racquetball CourtCCRB, IMSB, NCRB$25$38$44
PoolCCRB, NCRB$75$113$131
Multi-Purpose Room, MediumCCRB 2275, IMSB Medium, NCRB Coliseum Mezzanine, NCRB 240$25$38$44
Multi-Purpose Room, LargeCCRB 3275, IMSB Large$50$75$88
Meeting Room, MediumCCRB, IMSB B$35$53$61
Meeting Room, LargeIMSB A, Radrick Adventure Leadership Center$50$75$88
Indoor TrackCCRB, NCRB$50$75$88
Lobby (Promotional Tabling)CCRB, IMSB, NCRB$25$38$44
Entire FacilityCCRB$450$675$788
Entire FacilityNCRB$300$450$525

Outdoor Spaces

Space for RentFacilityStudentsU-M DepartmentsCommunity
Multi-Purpose Grass Event SpacePalmer, Radrick Adventure Leadership Center$85$128$149
Event SpaceElbel$75$113$131
Multi-Purpose Blacktop PadPalmer: Basketball and Roller Hockey spaces$50$75$88
Tennis CourtPalmer$15$23$26
Softball Diamond/Grass FieldElbel, Mitchell West$40$60$70
2 Softball Diamond/Grass FieldsElbel, Mitchell West$60$90$105
Grass/Artificial Turf Sports fieldElbel, Mitchell Center, Mitchell East$60$90$105
2 Grass/Artificial Turf Sports FieldsMitchell Center, Mitchell East$90$135$158
2 Sand Volleyball CourtsElbel$40$60$70
Full Facility (includes Turf, Grass, Sand Volleyball Courts)Elbel$150$225$263
Full Facility (East, Center, West)Mitchell$300$450$525
Full Facility (including Grass, Tennis Courts, Blacktop)Palmer$200$300$350

Equipment Rentals

Some events are better with games and extras! Equipment rental rates are per day and depend on the details of your rental agreement. Equipment may be added onto your rental agreement when your event is held in a Rec Sports facility.

  • Basketball ($3)
  • Soccer Ball ($3)
  • Volleyball ($3)
  • Football ($3)
  • Walleyball ($3)
  • Kickball ($3)
  • Dodgeball ($3)
  • Cones ($1)
  • Tug-of-War Rope ($5)
  • Flag Belts ($5 per set of 10)
  • Bleachers, 8’ ($70)
  • Bleachers, 15’ ($90)
  • Canopy, 20’ × 40’ ($185)
  • Canopy, 20’ × 20’ ($135)
  • Pop Up Tent, 10’ × 10’ ($30)
  • Extension Cords ($3)
  • Folding Tables ($7.50)
  • Folding Chairs ($1.50)
  • Jerseys ($5 per set of 10)

Resources & Policies

Check the Facilities page for directions to our rental spaces and the Parking page for parking lot information.

Events that happen within our facilities or rental spaces are applicable to the Facility Policies. Please review them to ensure you have an enjoyable event.

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