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Facility Renovations

Central Campus Recreational Building

Plans to replace the CCRB are underway!

Exciting News! With the approval from the Regents on March 24, 2022, the replacement of the CCRB is back on track. The new facility will be built on the same site as the CCRB. The demolition of the existing CCRB is scheduled to begin in January 2023 and the new facility is estimated to be completed in Summer 2025.

We are also happy to announce that despite challenges created during the pause in the project, the originally planned scope has not been reduced. The new 200,000-square-foot recreation facility will include:

  • Strength and Cardio Equipment
  • Aquatics (a lap pool, a recreation pool and a recovery pool)
  • Gymnasium courts (basketball/volleyball/badminton/pickleball, etc.)
  • Functional Fitness
  • Climbing and Bouldering Walls
  • Group Exercise/Multi-Purpose Rooms/Mind-Body Studio
  • Jogging Track
  • Turf Court
  • Cycling Studio
  • Personal Training Suites
  • Dedicated Racquetball Courts and Squash Courts
  • Inclusive Locker Rooms
  • Sauna Room and Steam Room
  • And more!


When will the CCRB close for renovations and how long will it take for the new facility to be built?

The current CCRB is tentatively planned to close at the end of the Fall 2022 semester.  The new facility’s total demolition and construction period is expected to be about 2 ½ years.  The new facility is currently scheduled to be completed in time for the Fall 2025 semester.

Will there be other opportunities for recreation during the construction period?

Yes, all U‑M students and Recreational Sports members will continue to have access to the Intramural Sports Building and the North Campus Recreation Building. In addition, a temporary recreation facility is planned to be erected on a portion of Palmer Field. There will also be some limited lap swimming opportunities at Canham Natatorium.

What activities will be available in the temporary recreation facility on Palmer Field? What will the hours of operation be? What will the impact on Palmer Field be?

The temporary recreation facility on Palmer Field is planned to be an enclosed, fabric-structure facility that will provide students and Recreational Sports members access to strength equipment, cardio equipment, and a small walking track. The hours of the temporary facility have not yet been determined but will be announced at some point in the Fall 2022 semester. The available grass space for outdoor activities on Palmer Field will be reduced by about 50%. Access to the remainder of the open grass space will be maintained and will be able to accommodate informal outdoor activities.

Will the temporary facility have air conditioning?

Yes, it is planned that the temporary facility will have air conditioning.

Will the temporary facility have restrooms, locker rooms, and/or changing rooms?

The temporary facility is planned to have a limited number of single-stall shower rooms and restrooms available. Day lockers will be made available outside of the locker rooms in a general area at no cost. Permanent, rentable lockers will not be available in the temporary facility?

Where do I go if I want to use a swimming pool, gymnasium courts, or squash/racquetball courts?

A swimming pool is available for use at the North Campus Recreation Building and some limited access will be made available for students and Recreational Sports non-student members at Canham Natatorium. Official access hours for Canham Natatorium have not yet been determined.

Gymnasium courts are available at the North Campus Recreation Building and the Intramural Sports Building.

Squash courts are available at the North Campus Recreation Building. Racquetball Courts are available at the North Campus Recreation Building and the Intramural Sports Building.

Will there be additional Group‑X classes to replace the ones at the CCRB?

Additional Group‑X classes will be scheduled at the Intramural Sports Building, the North Campus Recreation Building, and potentially the Temporary Recreation Facility on Palmer Field.

What happens to my non-student membership after CCRB closes?

Your membership will continue to provide you with access to all other Recreational Sports facilities throughout the construction of the new facility. You will maintain access to the Intramural Sports Building, and the North Campus Recreation Building, as well as get access to the Temporary Recreation Facility on Palmer Field. If using the available Recreational Sports facilities does not work for you, you can choose to cancel or forgo the renewal of your non-student membership.

Will the University Unions/Recreational Sports student fee be suspended during the construction of the new facility?

No, the University Unions/Recreational Student Fee provides financial support for the group of recent renovation and construction projects that have included the Michigan Union, Fireside Cafe at Pierpont Commons, Intramural Sports Building, the North Campus Recreation Building, Mitchell Field, and the new facility to replace the Central Campus Recreation Building. The fee is not contingent upon access to any particular facility.

Will there be any additional recreation opportunities during the construction period of the new facility?

In addition to the Intramural Sports Building and the North Campus Recreation Building, other recreation opportunities are in the process of being evaluated on central campus and it is expected that some additional opportunities will be created for the most popular types of activities (cardio equipment, strength training, etc.).  Once more details are known, they will be posted here.

Will the NCRB be the only pool available during the construction period for the new facility?

In addition to the NCRB pool, there will be some limited hours for U‑M students and Recreational Sports members to access Canham Natatorium for lap swimming during the construction period. The exact days and times being made available for Recreational Sports are not finalized. The schedule will be announced prior to the closing of the current CCRB.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for project updates and additional FAQs.

North Campus Recreation Building

Something remarkable is happening at the NCRB.

The NCRB underwent a 16-month renovation that adds modern infrastructure and architectural updates, natural lighting, air conditioning and other features to enhance students’ and members’ overall recreation experience.

These include:

  • A light-filled, welcoming entryway and lobby
  • Wide-open spaces for strength and stretching
  • New space for Group‑X classes
  • A refreshed pool area, pool infrastructure and on-deck sauna
  • Updated gymnasium courts flanked with functional fitness spaces
  • New ADA accessible locker rooms
  • A gender-inclusive locker room and restroom

Other highlights include racquetball and squash courts — featuring adjustable walls — and a resurfaced running track. Windows in the second floor cardio space will allow for breathtaking views of the wooded North Campus grounds.


See our detailed maps and our full list of parking options around our facilities and fields, including details for handicapped parking and our temporary locations.

Funding & Student Involvement

The total cost of the NCRB renovation is $17 million. Funding comes from a student fee applied to all current U‑M students, along with additional funding from University Central Equity; Athletics; Logistics, Transportation & Parking; and Student Life.

All Recreational Sports and University Unions renovations are partially funded by the $65/semester fee that each student pays upon registration. 

Throughout the planning process, we received feedback from several student organizations, including:

  • Building a Better Michigan
  • Wolverine Fitness
  • Advisory Committee on Recreational Sports
  • Central Student Government
  • Black Student Union
  • Club Sports Council
  • Recreational Sports Student Employees
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee

In addition, we collected feedback from current users and faculty and staff groups.

Intramural Sports Building

IMSB renovation provides the ultimate workout.

After a long-awaited 17-month renovation, the Intramural Sports Building officially reopened on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

The building, originally built in 1928, boasts many contemporary features while maintaining its historical architectural features. Inside there are more than 200 new pieces of cardio and strength equipment, group fitness and personal training space, racquetball courts, new locker rooms and spacious social lounges.

Fully air-conditioned and flooded with natural light, the Intramural Sports Building has been transformed into a facility designed for a modern workout and place to enjoy with friends and colleagues.


With our ongoing renovations, we understand you might have questions regarding the project, membership, lockers and Recreational Sports activites. Let us help! We’re happy to meet with you one-on-one to answer your individual questions. Fill out the form and we will be in touch soon—we appreciate your interest.

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