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Adventure Leadership Team

What makes your group tick? Or not? Our facilitators use fun, interactive activities to get people laughing while they explore team dynamics, challenge the status quo and discover new ways to communicate, collaborate and work better together.



Adventure Leadership Team programs are great for work teams, community organizations, families—any group who wants to learn, grow and have fun.

Our experiential education philosophy allows everyone to engage at their own pace and comfort level. Our programs can focus on physical challenges or activities that are more based on strategy and collaboration. All programs are customized specifically for your groups’ interests and skill level.

We offer onsite opportunities at the Adventure Education Center, a 150-acre site in northeast Ann Arbor. Our beautiful, wooded facility includes a multi-element low course, 45-foot climbing tower, a two-tiered high ropes courses, a zip line and a 3,000 square foot building perfect for meetings, retreats or conferences.

Our Adventure Education Center courses and challenge elements are safety inspected every year to meet the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

If you’d like to treat your group to breakfast or lunch, Michigan Catering has a variety of options that are perfect for indoor or outdoor dining.

Our Programs

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Create Community

This is our most popular program! It’s an excellent choice for groups that are just starting to work together, or groups that work at the same location with limited interaction. Examples include long-distance colleagues, academic cohorts, sports teams, community organizations, and recreational groups. This program uses games and puzzles along with mental and physical challenges to stimulate collaboration, engagement, and excitement.

  • Goals: Get know each other, build connections, use problem-solving skills, and enjoy a shared experience
  • Program Capacity: Up to 65 people onsite or 120 people offsite (location dependent)
  • Program length: 3 – 5 hours (Short Day)
Deeper Dive

Perfect for groups that know each other and have a history of working or interacting regularly. Typical groups include corporate departments, leadership teams, work groups, academic cohorts entering a new year, or non-profit organizations.

  • Goals: Strengthen relationships, improve communication, practice collaboration, develop trust, and have fun
  • Program Capacity: Up to 65 people onsite or 80 people offsite (location dependent)
  • Program length: 3 – 7 hours (Short Day or Full Day)
Advanced Team Building

Great for groups that have a strong bonds or have worked closely together over an extended period of time. This is also perfect for intact groups returning to the Adventure Leadership Team Center. Typical groups include corporate departments, leadership teams, existing work groups, or non-profit organizations ready to reach a new level.

  • Goals: Reinforce relationships, develop efficient communication skills, improve collaboration, employ strategic thinking, and identify opportunities for increased success
  • Program Capacity: Up to 30 people onsite or offsite (location dependent)
  • Program length: 6 – 7 hours (Full Day), or multiple 3 – 5 hour sessions (Short Days)
End on a High Note

The use of high adventure elements challenges groups in new physical and mental ways, enhancing all of our Team Building offerings. Add a high adventure experience to your program for an extra adrenaline-fueled memory. Perfect for groups looking to elevate their program. Choose from our climbing tower, two-tiered high ropes course, or zip line. Each high adventure element adds a degree of perceived risk while maintaining the highest safety standards to challenge the limits of the group’s comfort zone.

  • Goals: Explore and address issues of mutual support, individual challenge, and risk-taking
  • Program capacity: Up to 60 people per day
  • Program length: Additional 2 – 4 hours per group of 30 people, depending on selection
Give Back

Perfect for groups looking to make an impact in the community and have a creative bonding experience. Ideal as a conference break, during an annual meeting, as a project wrap-up celebration, or an end of year event.

  • Goals: spread goodwill, encourage ingenuity, and enjoy a shared experience
  • Program capacity: Up to 32 people onsite or 50 people offsite (25 square feet per person required)
  • Program length: Short day (3 – 5 hours)

Mini Golf Big Impact You’ll first complete a series of high-spirit challenges to earn as many cans, jars, and boxes of food as possible. Then you’ll create a putt-putt golf course out of the materials and play a tournament. Prizes will be awarded for lowest scores and best design. The event concludes with all the food items being donated to a local charity or food bank.

Night Zip for Scholarship Zipline under the moonlight with glow sticks and head lamps. End the evening around the campfire with sweet s’mores to snack on. Night zip proceeds go towards supporting outdoor activities for underprivileged UM students.

Embark on an Excursion

We’ll help you plan all-inclusive multi-day trips for your group of up to 12 people. Includes transportation, trip leaders, camping gear, food, instruction and facilitation.

Mini Course

Need a break from the normal routine and only have a limited amount of time? Mini Courses are a fun-filled way to bring the team together for a quick escape. Ideal for work groups, volunteer organizations, and social groups.

  • Goals: Build camaraderie, increase energy, and share an experience
  • Program capacity: Up to 65 people onsite or 120 people offsite
  • Program length: 2.5 hours or less
BYOA (Build Your Own Adventure)

Excellent for large, competitive groups looking for a shared experience. Small teams will work together to complete mentally and physically challenging tasks to score the points, all while exploring the environment together. This program generates lots of frame-worthy photo ops and action shots!

  • Goals: Get to know each other, build connections, take action, and have fun
  • Program Capacity: Up to 65 people onsite or 200 people offsite (location dependent)
  • Program length: 3 – 5 hours (Short Day)

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  • Please wear closed-toe shoes with heel strap. Long shorts or pants are recommended.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver and complete a medical form before participating.
  • We will bring any necessary equipment. Personal equipment is not allowed on the course.
  • You will be using safety systems, climbing equipment and spotting techniques as directed by staff members.
  • We do not allow participation of anyone who appears to be under the influence alcohol or drugs.
  • Programs that include groups with less than eight participants will be charged at eight participants.
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