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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Every organization needs a true north—a belief system that keeps you in alignment with your team and oriented toward your goals. We’re proud of our shared mission and vision, and we invite all Recreational Sports members to join us as we live our values every day.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle through engagement, leadership and activity.


Our vision is to provide comprehensive and innovative programs, facilities, and services that promote health, recreation, and wellness.


Integrity: We believe in doing all of our work with the highest of standards and being accountable to our users, our partners and ourselves.

Diversity & Inclusion: We will strive to provide wide-ranging options of programs, services and facilities that can meet the health and recreational needs of all of our user groups, while ensuring that everyone in our diverse community feels comfortable with any and all levels of participation.

Quality Customer Service: We continue to work every day to provide an experience for students, staff and community that is friendly, welcoming and desirable.

Fun & Professional Environment: We understand that in the business of recreation we will always combine high levels of expertise and professionalism with creating an environment for enjoyable participation.

Leadership & Engagement: We value and embrace our role within a prominent academic institution and welcome the chance to create leadership opportunities for our students and connections with the campus community.

Brand Promise

Enhancing people’s lives by striving to provide exceptional experiences.

Our Staff

Mike Widen


Lisa Shea

Associate Director, Programs & Marketing

Jeff Straw

Associate Director, Facilities & Membership Services

Jason Villeneuve

Financial Specialist, Student Life Budget & Finance

Daniel Henne

Strategic Engagement Lead, Recreational Sports

Gerald Ashley

Senior Assistant Director, CCRB Facility Operations, Rentals & Special Projects

Lexi Chaput

Senior Assistant Director, Sport Programs & Development

Cheryl Jendryka

Senior Assistant Director, NCRB & Auxiliary Facility Operations, Aquatics & Risk Management

David Siegle

Senior Assistant Director, IMSB Facility Operations, Membership Services & Student Engagement

John Swerdlow

Senior Assistant Director, Adventure Leadership Programs & Sustainability

Kegan Arthur

Assistant Director, IMSB Facility Operations

Ben Belanger

Assistant Director, Facility Rentals & Special Projects

Sarah Elgin

Assistant Director, Aquatics & Risk Management

Molly Haduch

Assistant Director, NCRB & Auxiliary Facility Operations

Laurel Hanna

Assistant Director, Club Sports & Assessment

Jessa Lytle

Assistant Director, Adventure Leadership Team & Summer Camps

Jackie McCarty

Assistant Director, Membership Services and Student Staff Engagement

Kevin Palmer

Assistant Director, Esports and Intramural Programs

Ellen Taylor

Assistant Director, Fitness and Wellness

Corey Walsh

Assistant Director, CCRB Facility Operations

Anna Mausolf

Program Manager, Adventure Leadership

Josh Palmer

Program Manager, Club Sports

Alex Provini

Program Manager, Membership Services and Student Staff Engagement

Tim Suchan

Program Manager, Personal Training

Brian Walker

Program Manager, Intramurals

Josie Wielinski

Program Manager, Group‑X

Kathy Doletzky

Operations Assistant, CCRB


Operations Assistant, NCRB

Donice Webb

Operations Assistant, IMSB

Mark Holmgren

Club Sports Finance Specialist

Geoff Byrom

Maintenance Mechanic

Jeff Diaz

Maintenance Mechanic

Carl Opp

Maintenance Mechanic


Sports Turf Specialist

Jason Miller

Sports Turf Specialist