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As of Wednesday, October 21, all U‑M undergraduate students will not be allowed to enter Recreational Sports indoor facilities during the Washtenaw County Stay in Place order.
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Esports event


If you’re an esports player, partner, or fan, get ready to level up! Join a driven community of student gamers who’ve reached top-10 accolades representing U‑M in national competitions.

Get Involved in Esports

Multiplayer video game team competition isn’t new to U‑M students, but it has a new home at Recreational Sports. Students run our entire Esports program—which focuses on competition, community, and well-being.

Read the U‑M Esports program news story.

Esports Discord

Joining our Discord server is one of the best ways to get in contact with other students in esports at U‑M and find a community around the games you play. It’s also a great way to keep track of our streamed matches on Twitch and our events on campus and online!

Join our Discord

Stay Connected

The best way to see all of our tournament results, events, streams and more is to follow the U‑M Esports Twitter.

Follow our Twitch channel to see our collegiate teams compete in a variety of competitions live.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

U‑M Esports fields one Varsity and one Junior-Varsity team to compete in Collegiate Star League, as well as other collegiate tournaments. Our Varsity team has players ranking from  FACEIT levels 8-10, while our JV averages FACEIT level 5. In past seasons, the Varsity team has competed in playoffs for both Collegiate Star League and North American Collegiate Counter-Strike where we finished in the top 64 teams and top 32 teams, respectively. The JV team also qualified for playoffs and finished in the top 64 teams in the JV division.


U‑M Esports fields three to five Hearthstone teams each season in the Tespa Collegiate Championship. With players of all ranks from Silver to the top of Legend, we have worked together to have a great competitive history. We have put over half of our team into regionals representing the top 5% or better of all Tespa teams, and we have consistently had at least one team finish in the top 32 of Tespa overall in the past five seasons.

Support Esports

U‑M students are already building a national Esports reputation. And it’s time to get the word out! With your support, we can build on our impressive team-gaming status and provide more opportunities for student participation and leadership.

Facilities Donations and Corporate Sponsorships

Your support will help us find a campus home for Esports. And our teams need corporate sponsors for all aspects of the program. To discuss your options for facilities donations and corporate sponsorships, contact Lexi Chaput, senior assistant director for sports programs and development, at lexi@umich.edu.

Donations for Team Costs

Your gifts cover necessary team costs such as competition fees, travel expenses, and equipment. You can support Esports team costs via online donations.