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Giving to Recreational Sports

Studies show that exercise improves attention, memory, and accuracy. It helps minimize stress and improve our moods. In short, exercise helps us thrive.

At Recreational Sports, it’s our goal to offer safe exercise options, in a variety of intensities and skill levels, to every one of our students, faculty, staff and community. But as our demand grows, we need to grow.

With your help we will update equipment, expand our class offerings, support team sports and continue our mission of teaching well-being and fitness to everyone in the U‑M community. Join us and be a victor for health.

CCRB Replacement Fund

Gifts to this fund support the replacement of the Central Campus Recreation Building (CCRB). The CCRB project will replace the existing facility with a new, 200,000 square-foot center for campus recreation. This additional space will enable the CCRB to provide an even greater range of programming and equipment that will allow students the chance to discover innovative ways to improve their health. With modern gyms, a running track, space for group exercise and functional training, climbing walls, pools, squash and racquetball courts, and more, this new building encourages students to explore different forms of physical activity and create habits that will last far beyond their time on campus.

Intramural Sports

With over 10,000 students participating in Intramural Sports programming each year, it is Recreational Sports’ most wide reaching program! We offer students opportunities to get active and have fun through sports. Participation in Intramural Sports requires participants to pay a fee, and as we work to break down barriers of exclusion, we recognize that this fee may be keeping people from participating in the program. Your support of Intramural Sports will allow us the opportunity to make our program more inclusive by providing students the opportunity to participate for free!

Fitness & Wellness

Fitness and Wellness programming at Recreational Sports continues to grow and evolve as we provide new opportunities for participants to find their most comfortable way to be physically active. We offer a variety of large instructor led classes each week for participants in our Group‑X program, our Small Group Training program which provides participants with a higher level of instructor attention, or an individualized approach for participants through Personal Training. Your gift helps all students participate in our diverse and innovative fitness and wellness programs and partnerships.

Adventure Leadership

Our Adventure Leadership program provides educational and recreational opportunities that foster leadership development, team building, and environmental stewardship in the community! Our Adventure Leadership staff, who operate our Team and Trip components, are trained in facilitation and certified in safety that is appropriate for our team building elements and the challenges the wilderness can present. This amazing group of around 40 staff members help us to provide over 30 trips and 140 team building programs per year. Your gifts helps support the development of diverse and innovative opportunities through Adventure Leadership Team and Trip programs.

The Value of Recreation

Evidence shows that recreation programs and services enhance the student experience on campus.  Beyond providing students a place to be physically and socially active, our spaces and activities give students the skills to excel in the classroom, grow professionally, and develop a greater sense of well-being. Supporting recreation means supporting the overall well-being of our U‑M community.