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A Group‑X pass gives you access to every fitness class we hold on campus. From Gentle Yoga to Total Body Strength, Splash Class to Hard Core, you’ll find classes that are as intense, or relaxed, as you are. And you’ll find that our engaging instructors and supportive class environment provide the perfect combination of motivation and fun!

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Feb 25 – 28

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Currently enrolled U‑M students and all Recreational Sports members can purchase a Group‑X Pass or a Single Class Pass. Just visit the Business Office at the CCRB, IMSB or NCRB. Once you’ve purchased a pass, it will be loaded on to your U‑M ID and you can begin attending classes immediately. All classes are drop-in.

Class Descriptions

We offer five types of classes: Floor (Strength and Cardio), Dance, Mind/Body, Cycling and Aquatics. Class offerings my vary semester to semester. Please see our calendar for the current semester’s schedule.

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Experience a high-intensity, full-body workout, designed to build your strength and aerobic capacity, no matter your fitness level. You’ll move from station to station, alternating cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises, to achieve the ultimate circuit workout. Each class will push you hard, but with a dedicated instructor and class full of supportive people, it will be easy to stay motivated and get to the next level!

Cardio Core

Come to this fifty-minute class filled with the perfect balance of cardiovascular training and core conditioning. Our cardio drills will get your heart rate up while core exercises strengthen a variety of your muscle sets. Build your endurance and strength with this challenging and fun class.

Cardio Kickboxing

Come punch and kick to the beat of great music! In this quick-paced cardio class, your body will stay in motion as you build strength, endurance, and confidence. People of all fitness levels will get results at this fun and challenging class.


An invigorating, low-impact workout that combines motivating music and easy-to-follow instructions. No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy a fun ride that will make you feel fit and full of energy.

Gentle Yoga

This class combines gentle flowing sequences and restorative poses to decrease stress and improve range of motion and joint mobility. Restorative poses are deep stretches that are typically held for one to three minutes to loosen connective tissue. This soothing class will leave you feeling grounded and at peace.

Hard Core

Focus on your core! In this class you will develop your six-pack while working the obliques, back muscles, as well as the hips and glutes to develop a stronger, healthier core.


Are you up to the challenge? This is a high-level intensity workout that will push you to new heights. (Due to the high level of activity, do not attend if you have any injuries.)


This full-body workout combines strength with cardio to build a stronger, more conditioned body. Kettlebells will be used to perform a variety of moves including get-ups, presses, windmills, and more.

Metabolic Circuit

Do you want an intense workout? How about an environment that offers the support and encouragement you need to reach your peak performance? Then this class is for you! Metabolic Circuit is based on fun strength and cardio drills. You’ll use a variety of equipment like kettlebells, BOSU balance balls and gliding discs, all designed to push you to your limits.


PiYo combines the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga. We also crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body feeling strong and invigorated.

Splash Class

Looking to mix up your workout routine? Splash class is for you! It features great cardiovascular fitness and muscle strengthening exercises in water. This low impact water workout is challenging, fun, and refreshing! Jump on in and splash your way to wellness. Although the ability to swim is not required, it is helpful to be comfortable in deep water.

Tabata Time

Looking for an intense, time-efficient full-body workout? Tabata is the most result-driven form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). In this class you will push yourself to the max and achieve full body fitness by completing a variety drills at specific work-rest ratios.

Total Body Strength

Experience strength training like never before! Take this class if you want to strengthen every muscle in one workout. We’ll offer you instruction on how to use free weights effectively and safely. Whether you are an experienced lifter or have never lifted before, this class is right for you!

Upper-Body Sculpt

Looking to strengthen and shape your upper-body? By focusing on exercises that work the arms, shoulders, back and core, you will leave this class with the confidence to show off your guns!

Yoga Core

Yoga Core offers core-strengthening exercises in a flowing format, with concentrated focus on your breath. Awaken your core and become strong both on and off your mat.

Yoga Flow

This class focuses on clarity and well-being by helping you connect with your inner strength. You’ll build muscle and flexibility by using your breath to anchor each movement as you flow from one pose to the next. Modifications are offered to accommodate all skill levels.


Ditch the traditional workout and join the party! This Latin-inspired, dance-and-fitness class offers an exciting, exhilarating and effective workout. You’ll develop your stamina and your body tone with easy to follow dance moves, set to the fast and slow rhythms of cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, hip-hop, pop, mambo, rumba, flamenco, calypso and salsaton. No dance experience required.


SeasonU-M StudentMember
Winter 2017$55$65
Spring 2017$27.50$32.50
Summer 2017$27.50$32.50
Spring & Summer 2017$55$65
Fall 2017$55$65
Single Class Pass$5$5

Become an Instructor

We’re always looking for energetic, experienced and motivated people to join our team. If you’d like to move from attending a class to leading it, start your journey now.  We’ll guide your training, every step of the way.

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