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Recreational Sports facilities remain closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are working to establish a reopening schedule and will provide more information as soon as it is available.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Attention U‑M Zoom and Virtual Group‑X participants: We encourage you to download the latest Zoom client. Click more for details.

Zoom launched a 90-day initiative in early April to address and proactively fix issues related to security. As part of that initiative, Zoom has released a required update to all versions of the Zoom desktop client.

All members of the U‑M community using Zoom should ensure they have updated to the latest Zoom client by Saturday, May 30, or they will be unable to connect to meetings scheduled after that date.

Please see this Zoom Help Center article for instructions on updating your client: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362233-Where-Do-I-Download-The-Latest-Version-


If you’re planning to drive to one of our facilities, you have several parking options. Plus, some Pass Parking lots are free after 5:00 pm (denoted with a ⑤) or 6:00 pm (denoted with a ⑥).

Central Campus

CCRB, Palmer Field

Pass Parking

  • Blue Pass
    • Corner of N University Ct and Observatory St behind the CCRB (E1)
    • School of Public Health (M34)
    • Natural History Museum at the corner of Church St and Geddes Ave (E3, ⑥)
    • College of Pharmacy (E15, ⑥)
  • Blue AVI
    • Palmer Commons parking structure (N26)
    • Church St parking structure (E8)

Metered Parking

Free Street Parking

South Campus

IMSB, Coliseum, Elbel Field, Adventure Leadership Rental Center

Pass Parking

  • Blue Pass
    • Greene St between Hill St and E Hoover St (SC12, SC13, and SC14; all ⑤)
    • Revelli Hall, E Hoover Ave (SC37, ⑤)
    • E Hoover Ave (SC2, ⑤)
  • Yellow Pass
    • Sports Coliseum (SC9, ⑤)
    • Outdoor Adventures Rental Center (SC38, ⑤)
    • E Hoover Ave (SC35, ⑤)
  • Orange Pass
    • Corner of E Hoover Ave and Main St (SC41,  ⑤)

Metered Parking

  • Corner of E Hoover Ave and Greene St (SC32, ⑤)

Free Street Parking

North Campus

NCRB, Bursley, Pierpont

Pass Parking

  • Blue Pass
    • East of the NCRB on Murfin Ave (NC45, ⑤)
    • Hayward St (NC48 and NC21; both ⑤)
    • Walgreen Drama Center (NC27, ⑧)
  • Orange Pass
    • Baits Housing (NC32, ⑤)

Metered Parking

  • South of NCRB off of Hubbard Rd (NC44, ⑤)

Mitchell Field

Pass Parking

  • Blue Pass
    • Taubman College (NC43, ⑤)
  • Orange Pass
    • Next to Mitchell Field (M75, ⑤)
    • Across from Mitchell Field (NC78, ⑤)

Radrick Adventure Leadership Center

Parking is available directly out front of the Radrick facility. Follow the gravel driveway.