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Starting Tuesday, June 22, fully vaccinated students and Recreational Sports members who self-report their vaccine information to the University of Michigan will no longer be required to wear a mask or social distance under the University’s updated policy while using Recreational Sports facilities.
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Updated last month

Mitchell Center – Artificial Turf

The Mitchell Field Complex offers 2 artificial turf fields that measure at 618 by 418 feet combined.


Space Options

This space has 2 rental options. Expand all into list view.

1 Artificial Turf Sports Field

Capacity & Dimensions

  • 309 ft
  • 209 ft
  • 0 ft
    Ceiling Height
2 Artificial Turf Sports Fields

Capacity & Dimensions

  • 4,300
    Max Capacity
  • 618 ft
  • 418 ft
  • 0 ft
    Ceiling Height


  UM Internal Hourly Rate External Hourly Rate (May 1 - Aug 15) External Hourly Rate (Aug 16 - Apr 30)
1 Artificial Turf Sports Field 70 100 124
2 Artificial Turf Sports Fields 100 150 186

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