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Personal Training

You’re ready to make the commitment. We’re here to offer support every step of the way. No matter your fitness level, limitations, or goals, our Personal Trainers have the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to help you on your fitness journey. Stop by for a single Fitness Assessment—just to get you started —or opt for a package plan that delivers long-term results. Whatever your need, we’ll help you stay focused, safe and motivated.

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To begin working with a personal trainer, please submit the following registration form. Within a few days of completing the form, you can expect an email from our program manager to discuss your goals and to begin the trainer match process. Once you’ve been matched, your new hand-selected personal trainer will reach out to you to discuss your specific goals, barriers, and needs, and will schedule an assessment session with you.

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Body Composition Analysis

We use the three-site skinfold test to measure your body fat percentage. The trainer will explain your results and discuss next steps. Please wear shorts and a t-shirt. Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the analysis.

Fitness Assessment and Program Design

This one-hour assessment includes an evaluation of your movement patterns, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, balance and overall health. Assessments are made while you are exercising and while you are at rest. This information will help to establish a fitness baseline and will be useful in setting goals and monitoring your progress.

Based on the completed assessment, your personal trainer will develop a comprehensive training program for you and will review it with you so you are prepared to undertake your own fitness regimen or to begin one-on-one sessions with your trainer. Wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes.

Starter Package

This package includes the Fitness Assessment & Program Development module plus one 60-minute training session.

Training Sessions

Use these 60-minute one-on-one training sessions to stay motivated and accountable, and to help you establish a top-notch exercise routine. Working with a trainer on a regular basis will help you to push beyond your normal boundaries, monitor your exercise to be sure you understand and use the correct form, and provide constructive feedback on your use of exercise machines, free weights and other fitness tools. Sold in packages of 2, 4, 6 or 12 sessions. Sessions may be used anytime within four months of the purchase date.

Prerequisites: Fitness Assessment & Program Development or Starter Package.

Partner Training Sessions

Train with your friend, spouse or partner when each of you purchase a package of training sessions at the partner rate and meet with your trainer together. Each session is 60 minutes. Sessions may be used anytime within four months of the purchase date.

Prerequisite: Both partners must complete either the Fitness Assessment & Program Development or the Starter Package.


PackageStudentsRecreational Sports Members
Body Composition$20$20
Fitness Assessment and Program Design$45$50
Starter Package$75$85
2 Training Sessions$85$95
4 Training Sessions$160$180
6 Training Sessions$225$255
12 Training Sessions$390$450
2 Partner Training Sessions$40/person$45/person
4 Partner Training Sessions$75/person$85/person
6 Partner Training Sessions$105/person$120/person
12 Partner Training Sessions$195/person$225/person

Become a Trainer

For New Trainers

  1. Apply for a mentoring position. Our Mentoring program offers a paid position with Recreational Sports and practical experience. The mentoring program is highly recommended for newly certified trainers, and required for those who do not have a nationally accredited certification.
  2. Become certified by a nationally accredited organization. Our top four preferred certifications are ACE, ACSM, NASM, and NSCA. If you are not currently certified, a requirement is to schedule your certification exam before you complete the mentoring program.

Mentorship Program

The mentoring program is a paid position that provides practical experience for students. The program consists of group workshops, shadow sessions, mock assessments, mock programming, and mock training sessions. This is a requirement for aspiring trainers to complete prior to working with clients.

Please see the dates below for the Fall 2022  mentoring process. Applications are due September 13, 2022. Apply here.

Mandatory Workshop Dates: Every Wednesday from 3:30 pm-6:30 pm starting September 28 – November 16, 2022


For Established Trainers

Apply here. You can always contact us for more information.

Runner’s Clinics

Register Here! 

Enrolled U‑M students can register for a session with a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer who will assess your shoes, flexibility, strength, and movement patterns; analyze your running biomechanics using video taken on your smartphone, and provide personalized recommendations to improve your stride. Provided by University Health Service in collaboration with Recreational Sports. Registration opens two (2) weeks in advance of upcoming clinics.

Cost: $40

Location: CCRB Fitness Room 6

Days & Times: 

  • Fridays – 1:00-2:00pm; 1:45-2:45pm; 2:30-3:30pm; & 3:15-4:15pm


  • September 16th and 30th
  • October 7th and 28th
  • November 4th and 18th

Meet Our Trainers

There are 16 items. Expand all into a list.


Major/Area of Study: BS in Athletic Training

PT Certification: from ACSM

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I became a personal trainer because I love exploring fitness and exercise for myself and wanted to share that with others. I love to solve puzzles and I see finding/developing a consistent exercise program for someone as one big puzzle, and fitting it all together and seeing clients make progress is so much fun.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): I like working with most any clients, but particularly those working their way back from injuries or trying to get back in shape after a long time off of exercise.

When not studying or personal training...I love to exercise for myself and experiment with new workouts, play with my dog, and read.

Fun fact: I work part-time for HVA, the ambulance service in Washtenaw County.


Major/Area of Study: Nutritional Sciences in Dietetics

PT Certification: NASM

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I want to empower people to get active in the ways that make them happy and confident! I also love increasing confidence in the gym.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): I love working with women who are new to the gym and are looking to begin lifting weights.

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… lifting, reading, thrifting, cooking, and spending time outside.

Fun fact: If you look up my name on PubMed, I come up twice!


Major/Area of Study: Movement Science

PT Certification: NSCA-CPT

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I didn’t have a strength coach growing up, so I spent a lot of my free time learning about training for sports. That became a passion for working out and teaching what I learned to others that still motivates me today.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): General fitness, strength training

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… Playing ultimate frisbee, tennis, and board games.

Fun fact: I love winter and winter sports; the more snow, the better.


Major/Area of Study: Movement Science Major, Spanish Minor

PT Certification: ACSM

Specialty: Rehabilitation and injury prevention

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy…cooking and spending time with my cat.

Fun fact: I am a pre-physical therapy student.


Major: Community and Global Public Health Minor: Business

Certification: ACE

Reason for Becoming a Personal Trainer: When I started to exercise more consistently in high school, I realized how much better I felt and how this feeling translated into more confidence socially and professionally, more energy throughout the day, and overall happiness! Especially during such a busy time in our lives, I wanted to become a Personal Trainer to help others find their fit and show them how fitness can improve so many aspects of our lives and become a habit that we enjoy.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): General fitness, weight loss, building the foundation for strength training

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy…baking, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends!

Fun fact: I am ambidextrous


Major/Area of Study: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN)

PT Certification: ACSM

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I saw how fitness had a positive impact on all aspects of my life and I wanted to help others find that same feeling.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): Resistance training (strength or hypertrophy), weight gain or loss

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy…Snowboarding, reading, watching the NFL/NBA

Fun fact: I am a deeply pained, diehard Detroit Lions fan.


Major/Area of Study: Ethnomusicology PhD

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: To empower other people to use their bodies confidently.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): Strength training and agility training

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… Olympic weightlifting, baking bread, and playing music.

Fun fact: I have two albums on Spotify!


Major/Area of Study: Nutritional Science/Dietetics

Certification: Canadian Fitness Professionals Personal Training (CanFitPro)

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I really enjoy being a positive influence on people and helping them better themselves through physical activity and healthy living.

Specialty area/preferred client: Athletic Performance (Strength and Conditioning)

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy…Hiking, biking, kayaking! Anything outdoors. I also really enjoy baking and art.

Fun fact: I’m training for a triathlon.


Major/area of study: Evolutionary anthropology

PT Certification: ACE

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I went on my own fitness journey where I learned to love exercise and the benefits associated with it. I know how intimidating exercise can be and how much misinformation is out there, so I decided to become a trainer in hopes of making others’ fitness journeys simpler so they can enjoy exercise and its benefits sooner.

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy…going on long walks, trying out new restaurants, and making travel plans.


Major/Area of Study: Applied Exercise Science

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I want to help people navigate the confusing and over-complicated world of fitness.

Specialty area: Strength and bodybuilding clients

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… watching lots of YouTube. ;-)

Fun fact: I’m on the men’s rugby team!


Major: Movement Science

Reason for becoming a personal trainer: I wanted to become a personal trainer to assist and motivate people with reaching their goals, building confidence and surprising themselves. Being able to help them in this by using my education and applying my own interests is extremely valuable to me, and I enjoy helping others’ create a positive relationship between health and exercise.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): Beginner and general fitness, weight loss/gain, functional fitness and resistance training

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… being active outside, entertaining my cat, going out with friends, and eating Twizzlers.

Fun fact: I’m from North Carolina but don’t have an accent.


Major/Area of Study: Organizational Studies

Certification: NASM

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I decided to become a personal trainer because I’m interested in helping people from all backgrounds build exercise self-efficacy.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): My training niche is resistance training and corrective exercise for muscle development and pain-free movement.

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… spending time with my friends around Michigan.

Fun fact: I’ve lived in three countries!


Major/Area of Study:  Business Administration

PT Certification: ACSM

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I drastically changed my life through fitness and losing a lot of weight while becoming stronger. I want others to go through the same experience and for others to see fitness as a hobby and not an obligation.

Specialty area/preferred client(s): Those relatively knowledgeable but seeking to take the next step in their journey of hypertrophy and/or strength.

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… Powerlifting and many, many video games.


Major/Area of Study: Athletic Training & Biochemistry

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I wanted to grow in my ability to provide specific care and programs.

Specialty area/preferred client(s):  I like to work with motivated individuals.

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… Spending time getting to know people and helping them to answer the important questions of life.


Uma is an ACSM certified trainer and double major studying Movement Science and IONM (Iter-Operative Neuro Monitoring). She initially became interested in fitness as a form of physical therapy to support her favorite activities- hiking and power tumbling for the Michigan Club Gymnastics Team.  Uma became a personal trainer because she wanted the opportunity to apply what she is learning about kinesiology in school to assist others in reaching their goals.

She believes that in addition to the physical benefits; exercise helps to improve focus, release endorphins, and develop confidence in one’s abilities. As a trainer, she enjoys resistance training, especially for the lower body.

Fun fact: Uma can speak three languages!


Major/Area of Study: Sport Management

Certification: NSCA

Reason for becoming a Personal Trainer: I want to help others achieve their fitness goals while enjoying the active lifestyle and having fun!

Specialty area/preferred client: Resistance training and help people get into lifting.

When not studying or personal training, I enjoy… snowboarding and skateboarding

Fun fact: I can do an aerial!

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